Golf GPS Scorecard Lite Version 1.2

Change Log
Version 1.2 : 2012/11/10
  1. New feature
    1. Add "Share" screen snapshot with friend function.
    2. Add "Players Map View" function. 
    3. Option for display Front 9 or Back 9 holes on scorecard-screen.
  2. Enhancement
    1. User interface enhancement for Android 3 and above.

This is a very simple and easy golf scorecard provides you the clarify user interface and basic scorecard functionality, like
  1. Record score.
  2. Measure distance via Google map.
  3. Provide game STATS.
  4. Provide live leaderboard.
  5. Provide player geo position on map.  

That's the reason why it is a lite version. Beside that we also offer another more powerful "Golf GPS Scorecard" app. It can record the Geo position, club used and distance of your every shot in the game.

Record Score

Create a new game if there is no game on current day.

After a game created

Enter score, put and par

Main function 
  1. Live Leaderboard
  2. STATS
  3. GPS Map
  4. Share

Press option menu to show function provided  this screen, include
  1. Live Leaderboard
  2. Game STATS
  3. GPS Map
  4. Share

Live Leaderboard

Live Leaderboard provide
  1. Find current rounds 
  2. Create round
  3. Players map view
  4. Share

If no current round, create a new round first. 

The round is presents on top of the screen (click on it will refresh the live leaderboard result) and identified by
  1. Date + 
  2. Course +  
  3. Player who create it

After creating the round, told your friend to find the round and click on it to join the round. After that you can see live leaderboard each other.

Game STATS for the owner of the mobile phone (ME)

GPS Map, measure distance 

Share, sharing scorecard screen snapshot with friends
Share your scorecard screen snapshot with friends via
  1. EMail, Gmail
  2. Messaging
  3. Facebook
  4. Google+
  5. Even What's app or Line and so on

Sharing scorecard screen via Messaging

Sharing scorecard screen via Facebook


Golf GPS Scorecard V1.5.1

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