Golf GPS Scorecard Version 1.3.2

Table of content
  1. Version 1.3.2
  2. Benefit
  3. Version 1.3.1 Documentation
  4. New Feature for Version 1.3.2 - Google 3D Map 
  5. New Feature for Version 1.3.2 - Export CSV
  6. 6. New Feature for Version 1.3.2 - Lanscape mode picture 
  7. Change Log

1. Version 1.3.2 : 2013/02/02, SAT
  1. New feature
    1. Support new Google 3D Map on "historical-map-view-screen", now you can select using original Google 2D Map or Google 3D Map.
    2. Export your scorecard as CSV file and share with friends.
    3. Add "Return Main Screen" and "Back" option menu item on almost every screen to let you return to Main Screen directly or previous Screen.
    4. Support "Simplified Chinese" version.
    5. "my-shot-screen" now supports for landscape camera mode to take picture when record shots. 
      1. Next version, I will enhance the user interface of "my-shot-screen" when screen rotate to landscape camera mode. 
  2. Enhancement
    1. User interface enhancement, for example, the animation effect when you tap on the "shot" at "historical-mp-view-screen".
    2. Enhance "Traditional Chinese" version wording.
  3. Bug fixed.
    1. Fix opening camera issue. (I think, this issue is because the user's android device seems not to have a back-facing camera.) 
      1. First, find all the camera the device has.
      2. By default, open the back-facing camera first if we have the back-facing camera.
      3. If no back-facing camera or fail to pen it, then try to open the front-facing camera  if we have the front-facing camera.
      4. If opening both back-facing and front-facing camera are failed, then pop an android TOAST message to notify user.

2. Benefit
  1. Record your every shot with
    1. Current GPS position.
    2. Which club you used.
    3. Taking fairway picture from the view of current GPS position.
  2. Calculate and show distance (without slope / with slope) between shots.
  3. Tracking your every shot by GPS position on "historical-map-view-screen". 
  4. Searching your historical games ever created.
  5. Game STATS.
  6. Sharing screen(scorecard, live leaderboard, map-view, STATS... ) snapshot with friends via Email, messaging, Google+, Facebook, and even What's app, Line and so on.
  7. Live leader board.
  8. Player map view, find player Geo position on "player-map-view-screen".
  9. Measure distance between current Geo position and the point user clicks on the "current-map-view".
  10. Support Google 3D Map.

3. Version 1.3.1 Documentation 

Documentation for Version 1.3.1 please reference here

4. New Feature for Version 1.3.2 --- Google 3D Map 

The Google 3D Map global setting, if checked , when  transferred to "historical-map-view-screen", it will use the new "Google 3D Map" as default.   

  1. The 3D "Historical-map-view-screen", the "arrow marker"  means the  first shot of the hole. The "yellow  marker" means the  last shot of the hole
  2. Beside, here is the hyper link about how to use (tilt the map, rotate the map and so on) "Google 3D map

Click on the "marker" will show the "info window" to display the shot detail information .

  1. As you can see, from the option menu, you can switch from "Google 3D map" to "2D Google Map". On the other hand, you can also switch from "2D Google Map" to "3D Google Map" if you use "2D Google Map" as default.
  2. From Version 1.3.2, almost every screen provides the "Return Main Screen" and  "Back"  option menu item to return to "Main Screen" or  go back to previous screen. 

5. New Feature for Version 1.3.2 - Export CSV 

From version 1.3.2 , on "scorecard-screen" and "historical-scorecard-screen" provide the "Share CSV" option menu item to export the score into CSV file and share with friend.  

Here is the exported CSV file. 

6. New Feature for Version 1.3.2 - Lanscape mode picture

  1. Rotate your android device first (make sure your phone set to "screen rotation" first)
  2. And after selecting "club" then press OK to record

Here is the landscape mode picture taken from "my-shot-screen"  

7. Change Log

Golf GPS Scorecard change log, please reference below link

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  • Historical game review


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