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Version 1.0

The main idea of Map Photo Diary comes from Golf GPS Scorecard. Basically you can say it's a Golf GPS Scorecard but for ordinary people. With Map Photo Diary you can
  1. Record your daily life by photo and write memo on it. 
  2. Identify and keep the geographical location when you took photo.
  3. Review your historical memo by date.
  4. View memo on map.
  5. Measure distance between current GPS location and the point you click on the map.
  6.  Share memo(photo) with friends via E-mail, Facebook, SMS and so on.

Main Screen

Where am I,  record memo/diary

Where am I, begin to record photo memo
  1. Click the left most button will move current GPS  position in the center of the map.
  2. Click the right most button will take the picture.
  3. Click the center button will enable distance measure mode.

Location information comes  from  both network and GPS.
GPS location is more accuracy if outdoor. And network location is usually inaccurate.
  1. If you are not satisfy with the default location, you can click on map to assign your new current position. 
  2. The foot-print icon represents your new current position when you click on the map. 
  3. Click on the  foot-print icon will remove it and accept the default current GPS location.

Measure distance
It will show the distance in meters between current location and the point you click on the map. 

  1. After taking the picture, here is the memo-photo-edit-screen.

Click on the Input memo here... you can start typing using android default soft-keyboard.

  1. Click on the Find address button will find current address according to the location when you took picture and show them in the address list on top of the screen.  
  2. Click on  Find address button again will close the address list.

  1. Click on the Find place button, it will find from Google Places according to the location when you took picture and show them in the place list on top of the screen.
  2. Click on Find Place button again will close the place list.

You can click on the item of  address list or place list  to pick the  item  into your memo 

Click on the left baby face icon will pop up a dialog to let you
  1. Choose a picture from android image gallery, if click on Select button.
  2. Use default baby face icon, if click Default button.
After choosing a picture from android image gallery

Tap on the memo bar and move  it upward or downward.
Finally, you have save it.

Share memo with e-mail

Memo/Diary List,  review your photo memo 

Click on the Filter button to set the date range. 

Click on the From or To, it will pop up the date picker dialog

Only memos between the From and To date range are displayed in the list, and at most 100 memos at a time.

Click on the memo list item will go to memo-map-screen.

  1. Swipe on the memo can go to previos or next momo photo.
  2. Click on the number icon(21 in this case) in the map, it will show you the view-memo-screen as below


On memo-map-screen, you can 
  1. View memo
  2. Edit memo 
  3. Delete memo
  4. Show satellite map as below

Memo/Diary on Map,  review your photo memo/diary on map

Memo on map

Same with Memo on List, you can click the Filter button to set the date range to filter the memos.

Memos between the From date and To date range

  1. Click on the number icon will show the photo memo
  2. Click on the photo memo will go to view-memo-screen as below



Golf GPS Scorecard V1.5.1

iPhone Golf GPS Scorecard Version 1.0