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Golf GPS Scorecard iPhone - Start

  1. Create a new game before you start to play. 
  2. Once you create a new game you will stay at that game until you create another game or the day end.
  3. So far, couse name is a must.

  1. After creating a new game the couse name is display on the title bar.
  2. Tap the hole-list-item will go to next map-view-screen 
  1. Here is the map-view-screen, you will see your current GPS position in the center of the screen.
  2. Tap the top right "Par" button to set up PAR.  
  3. The left button of the bottom tool bar is the "Record" button. After you play the shots on current ball position you can tap the "Record" to go to next screen - "My-shot-screen" to record current shots. 

  1. Here is the "My-shot-screen" to let you record what clubs you use and how many shots you play at current ball position.
  2. After setting the shots, tap the left button (the pencil icon) of the bottom tool bar to record the shots. 
  3. You may take picture from the view of current ball position and the shots in the same time if tap the right button (the camera icon)  of the bottom tool bar. 
  4. If HIO or chip in on current ball position, then no need to set the shot counts. Just tap the buttons (bottom left or bottom right if also take picture) to record it. 

  1. Record shots done.
  1. Here is your shot path. 
  2. Tap the "marker" on the screen will show you the "info-window" which present you the shots related information like club with shot counts, distance between ball position, altitude and accuracy.
  3. If you want to delete the shot, you tap the "info-window".  It will pop up an alert window to make sure if you really want to delete it.  
  1. The right button of the bottom tool bar is the "Measure distance" function switch. Tap it to "ON" or "OFF".
  2. When "ON", you can measure the distance (yard and meters)  between current GPS position and the point you tap on the screen.



Golf GPS Scorecard V1.5.1

iPhone Golf GPS Scorecard Version 1.0