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Change Log
Version 1.3.2 : 2013/12/16
  1. New feature
    1. Export Golf Course and share with friends. 
    2. Import Golf Course shared from friends.
    3. Setting for distance unit, yard or meter.
  2. Bug fixed.

Version 1.3.1 : 2013/12/06
  1. New feature
    1. Measure the distance between golfer position to the GREEN and TEE. (This new feature is suggested by Louis Elnatan. Thanks.

This is a very simple and easy to use golf scorecard provides you the clarify user interface and basic scorecard functionality, like
  1. Record score.
  2. Game STATS.
  3. Create your own Golf Course
  4. Export and Share Golf Course information between friends.
  5. Import Golf Course shared from friends
  6. Measure distance between golfer position and GREEN and TEE.

That's the reason why it is a lite version. Beside that we also offer another more powerful "Golf GPS Scorecard" app. It can record the Geo position, club used and distance of your every shot in the game.

What our users said

Louis Elnatan 於 2013/12/6 的下午8:23 發表
One of the great golf gps apps that any golf player should have!!! This apps is really great and useful. It has the capability of marking your own tees and greens for ANY golf course in the world, and I really mean ANY golf course. Even if the google maps doesnt have a clear image of the golf course. No need to download the course. You can create your course in the apps itself without even going to the website. You can even measure the distance between your position from the tees and to the holes. Very very useful!!!!!! Thanks, Andrew!!!!!

Golf GPS Scorecard Lite

Main menu
  1. Start, start a new game.
  2. My Favorite Course, create and maintain golf course  data by yourself.
  3. Game Review, review the historical games ever created.

1. Start, create a new game first 

  1. Enter player name and 
  2. Select a course to create a new game.
Score input screen, it includes

  1. Every hole score section 
  2. Total score section
  3. Statistics section

Enter score

Statistics section
Press every "Hole" button, will show you the map of that hole as below (if you have marked the TEE and Green).

On the map, you can see the distance between golfer position(current GPS position) and TEE, GREEN

2. My Favorite Course,  create and maintain golf course  data by yourself

  1. Here is the course list ever created.
  2. Click the top-right "New Course" button to create a new course. 

Create Course
  1. Enter course name.
  2. Enter course description.
  3. Enter PAR for every hole.
  4. Finally, press the "Save" button to create a course.

  1. Press the "hole" button first.
  2. Press the "Tee" or "Green" button to identify the "Tee" or "Green" position.

View Hole

3. My Favorite Course, Share Golf Course with friends (from Version 1.3.2)

Press the "Share" button will export current golf course as a .course file and share with friend.

Share the .course file with friends via...

  1. Once you received the .course file shared from friends, in this case via E-mail, move it onto your phone and remember the file path.
  2. After that press the "Import" button, it will pop up a dialog to let you navigate to the path and select the .course file.  

After selecting the .course file, it will start to import the golf course from the .course file.

The importing process will
  1. Keep the original golf course 
  2. Update the golf course if same golf course name
  3. Add new golf course


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