Golf GPS Scorecard - Update or Delete shots

Like record shots on current-map-view-screen, you can UPDATE or DELETE them too 

1. From 2D current-map-view-screen 

  1. The "man with pin icon" on the screen represents the shots you ever recorded that hole. Which also provided the clubs, GPS accuracy and altitude information.
  2. Click on it will go to my-shot-screen.

The man with pin icon represents the shots you ever records.

2. From 3D current-map-view-screen

  1. There are "arrow", "ballon-like" icons represent the shots you ever created that hole. The "arrow" icon is the first shot that hole. And the yellow "ballon-like" icon is the last shot.
  2. Click on the icons will show up the "picture-window" which provided the clubs, GPS accuracy, altitude and the picture.
  3. Click on the "picture-windowwill go to my-shot-screen.
The arrow and ballon-like icon represents the shots you ever records. And the picture-window  provides detail information.

3. Now we are at my-shot-screen, you can delete or update current shots

  1. UPDATE current shots, just pick up clubs as record shots and press OK button. Then the update is done.
  2. DELETE current shots, just DO NOT pick any club and press OK button. Now Golf GPS Scorecard will pop up a dialog to with 3 button on it.
    1. OK button, This is for the situation Chip-in or HIO, you do not need record any club on this GPS position. 
    2. Delete button, This will DELETE current shots.
    3. Cancel button, if you come to this by mistake. Press it will do nothing and back to my-shot-screen.

  1. OK button for Chip-in or HIO situation
  2. Delete button will delete current shots.



Golf GPS Scorecard V1.5.1

iPhone Golf GPS Scorecard Version 1.0