Golf GPS Scorecard, Record-Shot-Screen

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Here is the new Record-Shot-Screen (from Version 1.4), if compare with previous version, it simplifies the process of recording shots.

New Record-Shot-Screen, you can
  1. Hide Map if you do not want to use GPS.
  2. Drag and drop to resize the map.
  3. Enable camera(even front camera if exists) when record shots. 

Measure distance

Current position - (Latitude, Longitude, Altitude) and Accuracy

Record shots 

Record shots on current ball position (without camera). 

Record shots without GPS (without Map)

Record shot without GPS
  1. From version 1.4, you can record the shots manually without GPS (when you hide the map). This feature is suggested by user JJ San Jose.
  2. The shots recorded without GPS only shown on Scorecard-Screen (not shown on Map-View-Screen) because of a lack of current ball position.  

Delete current shots

You can see your previous shots on screen. If you want to DELETE the shots, just tap on it.

It will pop up a dialog to make sure the deleting.



Golf GPS Scorecard V1.5.1

iPhone Golf GPS Scorecard Version 1.0