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Golf GPS Scorecard (Version 1.4.2),  Release date 2014/1/23

The main idea of Golf GPS Scorecard is to record   
  1. how many shots and 
  2. what clubs you used 
  3. on every ball position
And review your game from different aspect like distance between shots, what clubs you used and so on.

Change for Version 1.4.2 

  1. Record shots screen(with/without Map), now it will check if current GPS fixed exists to avoid app crashes.
  2. 2. Improve error message.

Change for Version 1.4.1
  1. New feature
    1. Game Calendar, find your historical game by calendar
  2. Bug fixed.
Change for Version 1.4
  1. New feature
    1. New Record-Shot-Screen, 
      1. Simplify the process of recording the shots.
      2. If hide the map , you can record the shots without GPS.
  2. Enhance 
    1. More hybrid (#6, #7) are added for "What's in my bag".
  3. Bug fixed.

Main Menu Screen

  1. Start
    1. Start a new/current game
      1. If there is a current game exist, the app will go to the Current-Scorecard-Screen.  
      2. If not, the app will pop up a dialog to let you create a new game. 
    2. Record shots on current ball position. 
      1. Tap every hole item on Current-Scorecard-Screen will go to Record-Shot-Screen, you can use Record-Shot-Screen to record how many shots and what clubs you use at current ball position.
      2. From version 1.4, you can record the shots manually without GPS. This feature is suggested by user JJ San Jose. The shots recorded without GPS will only show on Scorecard-Screen but not on Map-View-Screen because of a lack of current ball position (which provided by GPS).  
  2. Game Review
    1. List all the games ever created on Historical-Games-Screen.
    2. Tap on every game item on Historical-Games-Screen will go to Historical-Scorecard-ScreenHistorical-Scorecard-Screen list every hole score and what clubs you used. Tap on every hole item will go to Historical-map-screen, you can review your every ball position, clubs used and distance between ball position.
  3. Game Calendar(New from Version 1.4.1)
    1. Find your historical game by calendar. 
  4. Statistics
    1. Statistics-screen only shows the statistics from the most recent 3 games if it comes from main-menu-screen.
    2. Statistics-screen from Historical-Scorecard-Screen will only show the statistics of that game. 
  5. What's in My Bag
    1. Choose what clubs in you bag.
    2. From version 1.4, more hybrid (#6, #7) are added. This is also reminded by user JJ San Jose. Thanks.
  6. Setting
    1. Version 1.4 simplify the setting of Golf GPS Scorecard, by now it only requests  you to choose the unit of length, meter or yard. 
  7. Rate
    1. If you like Golf GPS Scorecard, please take a moment to rate it. THANKS.
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