Golf GPS Scorecard - Benefit, Function and Help


Golf GPS Scorecard - Main Benefit
  1. Record GPS path and take fairway picture for every shot every hole.
  2. Record club used for your every shot in "my-scorecard-screen". 
  3. Show distance (without slope/ with slope) between shots.
  4. Snapshot app screen ("map-view-screen", "historical-game-list-screen" and "scorecard-view-screen")  and save it as .png file on phone for later use and reference, for example, post on Facebook, sharing with friends, as your course reference  and so on.
  5. Query historical games, Historical games query and sort by "Date", "Course" or "Score". Historical-game-list screen showing you score, penalty, put, used club. And historical-map-view screen provides your every shot GPS position and pictures.
  6. Setting for your "What's in My Bag"

■Golf GPS Scorecard - Main Function

The Main Function, click on the hyper link to read more  
  1. New Game : Create a new game.
  2. My Score : Record every shot related information, include club, score, put, penality count and so on.
  3. What's in my bag : Setting what's in my bag.
  4. Snapshot : Snapshot whole screen and save as .png file onto the phone directory.
  5. History : Query all the historical games.
  6. Help and Recommend : Golf GPS scorecard documentation and author information.


Historical Map View

GPS path of your every shot per hole

GPS path with fairway picture

GPS path with fairway picture

Record Score, Put, Penalty, club used  

Golf GPS Scorecard - Main Function option menu

Main function option menu
More function, help and Recommend



Golf GPS Scorecard V1.5.1

iPhone Golf GPS Scorecard Version 1.0