Golf GPS Scorecard - (5) History

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History Function
  • Date button: Sorting games by date.
  • Course button: Sorting games by course name.
  • Score button: Sorting the games by score.
  • Game item:  Long-click the game item will delete the game, click the game item will go to the "my-score-screen" to see the score of the game.

Historical game list
Long-click on the game item, will pop up a dialog to confirm that if really want to delete the game ?
Delete game dialog

Click on the on the "game item", will go to the "my-score-screen".


From the "my-score-screen", click the "hole-list-item", will go to "historical-map-view" screen.

Tap the "star" sign, will show the picture (taken when you record the shot in the "my-shot-screen"). The purpose is to help you remember the fairway. 

Historical-map-view with picture

Historical-map-view with picture



Golf GPS Scorecard V1.5.1

iPhone Golf GPS Scorecard Version 1.0