Golf GPS Scorecard - (1) New Game

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1. Before creating a game
The warning message "No course defined, please create a new game first." show up in the middle of the screen if no game defined on the day.

Screen if no game created on the day
2. Create a new game
Press the "New Game" option menu item to create a new game, it will pop up the dialog to let you enter the golf course name.
Main function option menu, New Game

Dialog for creating a new game

3. After creating the game
After game created,  date, time and course name will show up in the top of the screen. By now you can start to record the shots. 
After creating a game

4. GPS position and signal accuracy
  • The "blue-white-point" represents the current GPS position.
  • The "outside-blue-circle" means the current GPS signal accuracy.  
  • The bigger the "outside-blue-circle" is the worse the signal accuracy is.
  • GPS needs time to located the position, usually 30-60 seconds after you move to another position.
GPS position and GPS signal accuracy

5. Tap for GPS position
Tap the "blue-white-point" will show up the "man-with-pin" icon which represents the current temporarily GPS position .
Tap for GPS position, the "man-with-pin" icon

6. Record the shot
If you satisify the temporary GPS position and want to record the shot on it. Then tap the "man-with-pin" icon to transfer to the "my-shot-screen" to record the shot.
  • Press the "hole-no." button to increment the hole number. After reach 18, it will start from 1.
  • Press the "par-no." button to increment the par no. After reach 6, it will start from 3.
  • Check the "club-check-box" to record what club you used for the shot. If more than one shot in the same position just check more (but at most 3 shots if same club and same position). If no need to put due to 'chip in' or 'hole in one', just do not check any check box and press 'ok' button. And the app will pop up  a dialog to confirm it. 
  • "my-shot-screen" also start the camera function.
  • Once completed, press "ok" button to record the shot and also take a picture.
  • IMPORTANT : you have to set up the "What's in my Bag" first, then the clubs settled will show up in this  "my-shot-screen".
Record my shot, my-shot-screen

7. Shot related information
After Step 6,  the shot related information list on the screen, include
  • Club name and (shot counts)
  • GPS signal accuracy / altitude (altitude will be 0 if not GPS signal) 
  • Hole no. / Par no. 
  • A fairway picture taken when you press "ok" button in Step 6. (can only be viewed from "history" function)
And those shot related information can also be view later when you use the "History" function to query the historical games.
Shot related information

8. Misc function
  • Distince, press "distance" button, it will draw a line between the current GPS position and the Geo position you touch on current map view and measure the distance.  
  • Last-shot, the current map view(screen) will animate to the "last shot" position and place it in the center of the screen.
  • GPS position, the current map view(screen) will animate to the "current GPS position" and place it in the center of the screen. 
Misc function

Distance between current GPS position and the Geo position  touched on the screen 



Golf GPS Scorecard V1.5.1

iPhone Golf GPS Scorecard Version 1.0