Golf GPS Scorecard - Change Log

Version 1.3 : 2012/10/12, (Current Version)
  1. New feature
    1. Add "player-map-view" option on "live-leader-board-screen" to let players in the same round see each other on "player-map-view-screen". 
    2. Add "setting-screen" option on "main-screen" to let user enable or disable camera on the "my-shot-screen" when records shots.  
    3. Add new "about-screen" option on "main-screen".
  2. Enhance 
    1. "scorecard-screen",  add new "Front", "Back" or "Total" title bar on top of "scorecard-screen", click it will show only the front9, back 9 or total 18 holes.
    2. User interface enhancement 
  3. Bug fixed.
    1. Run-time exception because did not enter the par number on "my-shot-screen".
    2. Failed to connect to camera service.
  4. To-do (maybe next version...)
    1. Simplify the process of "how to record the shot(score)". 
    2. Add filter(date or course) to historical-game-list-screen.

Version 1.2.3 : 2012/09/23
  1. New feature
    1. Add Live Leader Board.
  2. Enhance
    1. Change the app flow," my-scorecard-screen" will be the initial screen when starting a new game. Now, press every hole item will go to the "current-map-view-screen" to record shots. 

Version 1.2.2 : 2012/09/06
  1. New
    1. Largely changing the app flow, make it more clearly by adding a "main-screen" as the whole app entry point. 
    2. STATS function on "main-screen", STATS from "main-screen" calculated from the most recently 3 games.
  2. Enhance
    1. Simplify the process of  recording shots, on "current-map-view-screen", we omit the "press man-with-pin icon" step.  Now tap on the "blue-whit-point" will transfer to "my-shot-screen" to record the shots directly. 
    2. Change Facebook login to Facebook SSO (Single Sign On). 
    3. User interface enhancement, like the "Distance" function.
  3. Bug fixed.  
    1. Number format exception.

Version 1.2.1 : 2012/08/23
  1. New 
    1. Add new function, "share with Facebook" on almost every screen, to snapshot current screen as .png file and publish on Facebook wall, if you have a Facebook account.   
  2. Enhance
    1. Add "animate" function on "historical-map-view-screen". This allow you to animate your every shot in the screen by pressing the animate button.  
    2. Add "Hole" and "Par" information on "current-map-view-screen".
  3. Bug fixed 
    1. For very few device which do not support specific camera preview size on "my-shot-screen". 

Version 1.2 : 2012/08/12
  1. New
    1. Add "STATS" function. 
  2. Enhance
    1. Improve user interface,  add "sparkle text" on current GPS position to remind user.
    2. Improve user interface, change input method for "Hole" and "Par" setting on "my-shot-screen"
      1. Click "Hole" or "Par" button will increase by 1. 
      2. Long click "Hole" or "Par" button will decrease by 1 .
  3. Bug fixed.

Version 1.1 : 2012/07/29
  1. Add Traditional Chinese Version. 
  2. Improve user interface largely, particularly the camera view and the layout in "my-shot-screen".

Version 1.01 : 2012/07/23
  1. Add #5 hybrid option in "what's in my bag" .

Version 1.00 : 2012/07/20
  1. Initial version.



Golf GPS Scorecard V1.5.1

iPhone Golf GPS Scorecard Version 1.0