Golf GPS Scorecard - How to record shot, score ?

How to record the shot, score ?
  1. Create a new game
  2. Scorecard screen
  3. Current Map View screen
  4. My Shot screen

From "main-screen" click "Start" will transfer to "scorecard-screen".
  1. If no game defined that day, app will pop up a dialog to let you input course name and player name to create a new game. 
  2. Until you create another game or till tomorrow, you are always STAY in the CURRENT game. 
  3. On scorecard-screen, click on the "Total", "Front 9" or "Back 9" title will show the total 18 hole items, front 9 hole items or back 9 hole items only on the screen.

From "scorecard-screen" click on every "hole-item" will transfer to "current-map-view-screen" (with the hole number).
  1. On "current-map-view-screen", you can 
    1. See the fairway picture download from Google map and 
    2. Measure the distance between current GPS position (a "blue-white-point" sparkle on the center on the screen) and the point you click on the screen.
    3. Setting "par" number, clicking on the "par" will increment "par" by 1. But you can not change the "hole no.", it comes from "scorecard-screen" when you click the "hole-item".    
    4. Click on the "blue-white-point" (your current GPS position) will transfer to "my-shot-screen" to let you record the shot. 
  2. On "my-shot-screen", you can 
    1. Set the the club and counts. (include penalty)
    2. If chip-in or hole-in-one, do not check any club and press "OK" button directly. App will pop up a dialog to make sure again. 
    3. From version 1.3, the "hole" and "par" is not editable. Be sure set "hole" and "par" correctly before entering "my-shot-screen".  

From version 1.3,  you can enable or disable camera when record shots on "my-shot-screen" because some users suggest that.
  1. From "main-screen", click "Setting" will transfer to "setting-screen" to let you enable or disable camera on "my-shot-screen".
  2. The camera is disable by default but you can turn it on at anytime.


Golf GPS Scorecard V1.5.1

iPhone Golf GPS Scorecard Version 1.0