Golf GPS Scorecard - Live leader board

Live leader board and player map view

Live leader board
  1. Only the scorecard-screen provides the Live leader board option menu item and only during current game, you can press it and go to live-leader-board-screen.
  2. On live-leader-board-screen, first press the "Find Round" to find if any round exists now.
    1. If found, click on the round found will join in the round.
    2. If not, press "Create Round" will create a new round and join it.
    3. After joining a round press the round-title on top of the live-leader-board-screen will refresh the current leader-board result.  
    4. The round name is constructed by (1)date + (2)course name + (3)player name who create the round. Player created a round needs to notify other players the exact round to join.  
    5. Below is the Find current rounds result, only the round created that day are found.

Live leader board

Player map view

  1. On live-leader-board-screen, press the "Player Map" option menu item will go to the player-map-view-screen
  2. Players can see each other on the play-map-view-screen.

Player map view


Golf GPS Scorecard V1.5.1

iPhone Golf GPS Scorecard Version 1.0